Bjorli Ice Lodge (Bjorli, Norway)

The Bjorli Ice Lodge, located in Bjorli, Norway, is a magical winter experience as guests are invited to stay in carefully crafted rooms of ice and snow. Deep in the Dovre-Sundalsfjella National Park, the frozen facility is built next door to and associated with the well-known Hotel Bjorligard and its 11 groomed ski trails.

The picture-perfect, mountainous landscape caters to anyone of any age. Adventure seekers relish in the rugged terrain, while those looking to relax can sit back with a near-frozen cocktail or hot coffee and enjoy the pleasant, quiet scenery. The Ice Lodge is uniquely designed with inviting arctic-deco rooms of ice and snow. From the ice bar to the ice sculptures, everything is made of frozen water. Even the beds are framed in ice but, don't worry, between the bedding and sleeping bags, most guests never complain about being cold.

A night in the Bjorli Ice Lodge is an adventure to say the least, but the fun doesn't stop there as it is built in a region full of cold-weather activities that warm the soul. Bjorli roughly translates as “beaver hill” because the furry, flat-tailed rodent once ruled the densely wooded banks of the meandering Rauma river which flows right by the Ice Lodge.

Now, the Bjorli Ice Lodge, like a snowy palace settled amongst snow-blanketed trees, is a favorite destination for eco-tourists, alpine enthusiasts and those who just want to take a break in a true winter wonderland.

The Lodge and Chapel

The suites, from regular to honeymoon, are each decorated individually by local artists who pay close attention to detail. It takes nearly four weeks to build the amazing hotel, but only days to melt in the spring. But, it's short life is full of fun and adventure as guests come in from around the world to experience the wonder.

Along with an ice bar, the Ice Lodge has an intricate snow chapel attached that can seat up to 120 people and has played host to many weddings, christenings, concerts, events and magical religious services. Despite being made entirely of ice and snow, the chapel is said to have a strong sacred feel.

Bjorli Ice Lodge Activities

Alpine skiers and snowboarders fall in love with the 11 groomed trails and six chair lifts. Also, cross-country skiers savor the some 75 kilometers of snow-packed paths through some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Be it alpine or cross-country, daily equipment rentals are readily available, though day passes and rentals are not part of the overnight packages. This is also true for the full gamut of activities available. The Bijorligard hotel is a full-service facility with jacuzzis, restaurants, rustic rooms and a wellness center.

Here are just a few of the many activities offered:

Ice Fishing
Ice fishermen can rent fishing equipment, buy a permit and have an amazing time catching trout. Lunch and coffee prepared over an open fire is provided as is use of a cozy warming cabin.

Musk Ox Safari
Musk Ox wander in groups of up to 20 and, experienced guides know where to find them, bringing tourists into the wild to see and watch these rare, ancient-looking species roam the snowy landscape. It's like seeing something prehistoric.

Be it cross country or alpine, the region's skiing is incredible.

Dog Sledding
From all-day to half-day safaris, experienced or novice dog sledders alike can enjoy a wild ride through the pristine nature park. The well-trained huskies generate plenty of laughter.

Horse sleigh rides
Under a moonlit sky or during the day, there is nothing more relaxing that cruising the beautiful snowy region on a horse-drawn sleigh.

Steering a toboggan down the slopes can be a real challenge, but it is certainly isn't short on fun for the whole family. No matter your age, tobogganing in Bjorli is truly a thrill on the hill.

How to get to Bjorli

Depending on your departure point, Oslo is generally your first stop. The next step is Molde. Travelers can get to the Molde Airport via the Oslo Airport on scheduled services provided by the Norwegian airline, SAS. From there, travelers can drive to Bijorli. Bjorli is centrally located in Norway and, if drivers wish, it takes about 4.5 hours to drive there from Oslo. There is also a train service available. Upon arrival, guests check-in at the Bjorligard Hotel.

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